Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday Season

Since my return from vacation I have been as busy as a bee... Working on custom orders, listing new items, and on top of it all.. doing my own holiday shopping.

My children do not ask for many things. they are pretty content with the little things so when it came to making their lists I was pleasantly surprised by their sweet hearts. While working in my craft room I over heard my oldest two discussing the items I make and how they wish they could have 'this' or maybe a custom 'that'. All the while I am listening in trying to get a glimpse of what they desire. My son must have seen me because he smiled and said "I wish mom would make us some gifts this year. I know I would love a blanket, or bag for my toys, maybe even a sleeping mask." Isn't he a doll!!! I couldn't resist the idea so I started right away.

I have been working on this specific idea for a while now. This is the longest station we have had at one base. By the time we head to South Dakota we would be stationed here for 6 straight years. In those years 3 of my 4 have attended the same Elementary school. They have collected many class shirts and each years end they have all their friends sign them. My idea was to make a signature quilt with all their t-shirts and have everyone in the school sign it! Here is a sampling of the quilt top.

Not quite finished.... It will have a quilted border and backing and filled with batting. Once completed I want to cut out a hand print from each child and applique them to the back. ... More photos to come.

What do you think?

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