Monday, December 28, 2009

The Many Updates

So much to share with you this fine day.... In an earlier post or two I talked about my middle daughter and her medical struggles. She has been going to physical therapy for a little over a month now and it seems to be helping. Upon first evaluation, the therapist noted no arch her foot, little to no reflexes, and limited flexibility in her lower extremities. The PT also noticed that she walks on her toes and the side of at least one foot. On the 22nd we were approved for orthotics and although I am not sure the exact device they have approved, we should be having her fit for them in the beginning of the year

The plan now is to continue with physical therapy while seeking an evaluation and diagnosis from a neurologist. The appt. is set and I am anxious to see what he can do to assist our little girl. She has had pains in her legs for so long I am sure any news will be helpful. It is hard for her to walk long distances as her legs get tired and 'fall asleep'.... maybe he will have the answers...

More news.... Neela recently visited her Endocrinologist and everything seems great...

She has grown!

Wait for it.....

6 inches!!!

Yes 6 inches in a years time! We are so proud of our little wonder. She will have one more visit with her doctor before our move and we will find out how her levels are reacting to the Nutropin as well as another bone age to determine how far behind she is in growth compared to children her age (last one showed 1 - 1.5 yrs).

All four of our kiddos had a fantastic Christmas... Spoiled rotten as The week before Christmas we added a new tradition to the family. All the kids were asked... Do you want to spend $20 on yourself, go out to eat at a nice restaurant, or do a secret Santa where you buy something special for someone else? It was a unanimous decision and we all drew names from a hat. We set out to the store and divide up the family so we each took 2 kids and headed to opposite ends of the store. The kids did great. Even the younger ones put a lot of thought in their gift choices.

On Christmas Eve we sat around the tree and opened the secret gifts. After they were done they hugged and thanked each other... it was so cute. I am still in awe over their selflessness this holiday season and hope it continues into the new year.

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