Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Search for the Answers

A little update about our middle daughter. We went to the Neurologist and he believes that CP (cerebral palsy) can be taking off the table. It was a very thorough exam and he ask her to explain the 'bugs' she feels in her legs. The doctor grabbed a tuning fork, made it vibrate and pressed it against her legs. She lit up and said that was the 'bugs' she was feeling. He ordered some tests (xray, head ct, and blood work). The thought of the moment is a tethered spine but we won't know more till February...

We also had a consultation for her orthotics. She was fitted for SMO (Supramalleolar). These are used to stabilize her ankles, support her arches, and help her over all gait. The whole appt. lasted less then 10 min. Expecting them in about 2 weeks. Dyl is so excited because they are making them pink!

We have to get her good orthopedic shoes too. Her therapist recommends asics or new balance. So far not the easiest task... We have found that not many places around here carry child sizes let alone in wide. Haven't given up hope yet though.. To my surprise not only did Sears carry New Balance but they had them in girl colors, her size, and in wide.. whoo hoo.. to top it off they were on sale =)

Getting her xrays....
The tech said she was a great subject.
She sat so still.
Even joked when the light was on her belly =)

For now we wait for the results to come in..
'til then...

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