Monday, January 25, 2010

The girl who cried ORDERS

We have lived here for 6 yrs. .... received orders to leave 3 times.... told all our friends and family members 3 times that we were headed out and moving to a new destination. Each time we are hopeful and each time we get news (just weeks away) that our order have been canceled and we are no longer leaving. This in itself is stressful. Our friends and family wonder WHY and there isn't much more that I say that could suffice a reply. I feel like the girl who cried orders. I can no longer feel happy about relocating because the fear of rejection is always lurking. This is especially true of my current situation.......

As of Friday our orders to South Dakota have been canceled. At this point I am no longer getting my hopes up for leaving this place. This is our third set of orders and third time is NOT the charm. All I know is we are leaving... sometime this year... to some place... LOL.

Although bummed, I refuse to give up hope... Hope that one day soon we will be on the road to new and exciting locations. I am also not giving up on South Dakota! That place had everything we needed and more. The hospitals and schools were ideal, area was perfect for adventure , and plenty of career/educational opportunities for my family!

This post will not be completely pessimistic... There are SOME good points. The kids will be able to finish the school year, all appts can be completed, I can reinvest my energy into my Etsy shop, and my husband can invest his energy into studying for promotion.

So that is it in a nut shell.... My weekend wasn't the best but i can't let that stop me.... I decided to think positive and move forward. We will not let this keep us down and tomorrow is another day... albeit a 'Florida' day but I digress =)


Jennie said...

Oh no, Amanda! I feel so outraged and disappointed for you. I'm glad you are staying positive (as usual!) and maintaining that great sense of humor. It will happen, and when it does, it will be right.

Fancy said...

OH NO!!! I'm glad you're able to pick out the positives in this situation. When things don't go MY way, the only peace I have is that everything happens for a reason, and God will put you where you need to be when it's time. I remember being so discouraged every time we lost a house and had to start the search over. But boy I'm glad those contracts didn't go through because God had something bigger and better (& more ideally located) waiting for us!