Friday, January 29, 2010

Movie time with hubby

After my husband returned home from work we decided to see what movies where on our 'on demand'. When I saw Paranormal Activity I asked hubby if he wanted to watch it before heading to bed. Word to the wise... probably not my best choice of

The movie started out slow making you hunt for abnormal and curious movements. It didn't take long however for my husband and I to be curled up, arm in arm, on our long couch. We were a sight! There was a moment when the male character ask for the 'demon' to "come out" my husband nearly jumped.. anticipating something suspenseful... I tried not to laugh as my heart was racing just as fast.

The movie was great.. kept us watching the screen as every detail unfolded. As it came to an end we laughed and realized that it was time to go to bed... but how could we go to sleep after watching such a film? Instead we turned it to cartoons. Yup two grown adults watching cartoons to mellow the feel in the room.

If you haven't seen the movie yet I suggest watching it with friends =) It is worth it and by far the best, gripping, and suspenseful 'horror' movie of last year!

Have you seen it? Please share your thoughts.

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