Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3am - Wide awake

May the roles of mommy never end! Even at 3am when the house is at rest there is always a moment in a mommy's life when sleep shall come to an abrupt end...... Tonight was my night......My poor Neenee wasn't feeling well so we decided to lay on the couch and watch a little TV. She had a slight fever but it didn't seemed to phase her. We cuddled and giggled and cuddled some more. At about 5am I tried to persuade her to rest a bit. She had mentioned before that her tummy hurt but this time I could see it in her eyes. Before I could finish my words, I whisked her off the couch and into the bathroom. We didn't make it =(

Back to the couch we go, new clothes, a few towels, and some Tylenol in her belly and we are good to go. As I type she is laying next to me putting up a good fight against sleep. As for the rest of my day it shall be filled with hand sanitizer and long naps on the if only I could get her to

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