Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why mommys don't get sick!

Everyone seems to be on the healthy side of our sickness. For a few days I was without a voice and to some I think they enjoyed the quiet (kids, husband..etc).. I am not a very good sick person especially when trying to raise 4 young children.

Oh to be a fly on my wall..

Just image me in my pajamas.. okay so I don't have to be ill to be in PJs but just imagine it any way!...I am laying on the couch and the kids are all playing back in their bedrooms. Like most days, the quiet turns into a battle.. which turns to yelling... which turns to crying... which turns to "M O M M Y!" being screeched as if my absent voice has somehow left me hard of hearing. Typically I would call for them all to come out and explain what has happened but alas.. no voice... so I must now get up from my cocoon of quilt and tissues and find out what I already know.. My children fight only for the sake of fighting!

As I suspected, the youngest felt it more fun to stand directly in front of her sister and stare at her rather than sit and play on the floor. The battle began when the oldest asked her to move and she giggled. This made her mad so she told her to MOVE. That of course made the youngest giggle again thus making her sister more enraged... At this point I would ask Neela why she was pestering her sister and Coralee, why she couldn't just ignore her.... No VOICE! I scooped Neela up and brought her out to the living room and whispered in her ear that making sissy mad isn't funny and she needs to say she is sorry... Her response - "You sound funny like daddy!" .....hops off my lap and walks away.

Tell me.....Why did I even get up? =)

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