Friday, June 4, 2010

Bear in Base Housing!

I have been cooped up in the house all day so when hubby got home I wanted to go for a walk. We got the kids ready and it started to rain =( We waited a bit for it let up and decided to go out anyway.

(picture above) We headed out and were chatting and laughing...then we came across 'neighbor 1' standing in his driveway. He informed us that there was a bear spotted not to long ago in our housing area up near Smith St. We thanked him and told the kids to stay close. We also talked to neighbor 2 and 3 who were also standing in their driveway. They saw the bear as well and decided to stay close to their homes.... We kept walking thinking the bear was probably further down by now and not in our path. We were almost to Hunt when a car pulled up to let us know he spotted the bear on Smith but assumed it was headed away from us... We thanked him and decided to keep an eye out 'just in case' ..You see we live on Smith so no matter what we did we had to run right into the bear!!! ...Just then a group of people on Hunt started to scream! The car pulled on to the road and we saw an open garage and asked if they would like some company =) The car came back and let us know the bear WAS NOT over there but to still keep our eyes out.... Just then the bear crossed the street about 30 feet from us. At this point all I am trying to do is keep the babies calm and the nice neighbor is doing the same. I think we waited in her garage for 10 min before heading home. Our only regret..... not having my camera or phone so I could have taken a picture!


MonsterBug Blankets said...

What's a bear doing in FL? hahaha! Oh my! How crazy, frightening--and how your kids are gonna LOVE telling that story for years and years! :) Glad you are all safe!

rctees said...

South Dakota looks even better now huh?? Quiet a story, thanks for sharing!