Sunday, June 27, 2010

Travel Adventure

The time is approaching once again for us to leave our home and venture to a new destination. I know you have seen me type these words time and time again but I have a good feeling about this one... We will move!! We just will!!

We are set to pack up in late August and set out on our journey the beginning of September. I have eagerly awaited this moment... the moment where I can smile and start to plan out the trip. We are headed to South Dakota (yup again!) by way of Tennessee and Missouri. The way I have planned, it should take approximately 5 days spending a day or two in each location.

First up is Nashville, TN... There is a wonderful Adventure Science Center I am dying to visit. So many exhibits to see we are sure to spend a good day just soaking in the knowledge! The bodyquest sounds like it will be fun fun fun!! "BodyQuest presents a day in the life of your body. See what goes on inside you every day, how your body systems work together and how hard your body works to try to keep itself in good working order!"

After TN we will be heading to Kansas City, MO... where we will stop in to the Kansas City Zoo. They have a brand new Polar Bear Exhibit the kids will adore. I am also hoping to get tons of pictures with the kids favorite animals. My little Dyl keeps expressing her wish to feed a giraffe... That would be so cool!

On we go to our final destination... South Dakota. We should arrive just in time for them to start the school year. I can't wait! We have been counting down the days till we are on the road with Florida in our rear-view mirror.... Is it Sept Yet?

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