Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open Letter to Night Time Creepy Crawlers

Dear Spiders, Geckos and friends:

I do not appreciate your arrival into my home unannounced! Although I am flattered that you prefer our one on one encounters, let's limit them to times when Chris is awake and can meet you too. Some places that you should consider off limits:

  1. Outside my tub after a long relaxing bath - This is no fun for me as you can see I am not dressed for such surprises.
  2. Bedroom - Let's face it... it is not the cleanest room in my house and I prefer to keep my deep, dark, dirty secrets off limits to my guests
  3. Under my Desk in my Office - I really do love assistance but if you do not have opposable thumbs I am not sure what use you are in the sewing and stuffing department.
  4. Child's bedroom - I know aren't they adorable when they sleep? Let's keep it that way and leave this place untouched shall we!!
  5. Living Room - I understand this is your favorite meeting spot but I must disagree.. I am typically enthralled deep into a TV show or working late on a project. This is not the time for a social call so please call ahead of time so I can respectfully decline.

As you can see I am limited on spaces you are allowed to patrol... so lets just face facts and part ways now. I respect your feelings and can only imagine how hard this is to hear. I know you are just trying to keep me company but I have many friends... In fact my friends 'Raid' and 'size 10 shoe' are never far from my side and would love to meet you some day.

Best Wishes


Carapace said...

Awww, not the Geckos! They eat all the other creepy crawlies, and they're so cute, and they have nifty suction-ridge feets! Be nice to geckos, they eat roaches.

Roaches, kill with fire. Blurgh.;P

miss chris said...

Love it! :)

A HUGE spider tried to get in the shower with me a while back, I respectfully declined and then squished him.

Sygnet Creations said...

The only creepy crawls that meet their untimely death are those of the eight legged kind... They don't stand a chance showing their face around here!!

The gecko is alive and well living some where in my house. I saw him two nights ago and he scared the begeesus out of me...lol. I told him I didn't appreciate his surprise and to keep it moving!! =)