Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off to the MailBox with a Craft Book in my Hand..

Sooooo excited...

Woke up yesterday to read so many
wonderful and sweet comments
that I couldn't wait to see who the lucky
winner will be....

Then (because Murphy is my friend)
my computer acted up and I wasn't
able to select a winner until moments
ago. Are you ready?

The winning number is #37

Congrats lolamichele!!
You are the lucky winner
of the Craft Hope book.
An email has been sent
to your email account.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Checkout the Month Of Hope via Lark Crafts and stay up to date with their twitter for all the giveaways going on this August!! By all means... you can purchase your own copy right here.. Have you seen the new Craft Hope Project? Look no further =)

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