Saturday, September 25, 2010

Did that really just happen?

Had a bit of a tween moment when my ten year old son proceeded to yell at his father after being sent to his room and called back for talking under his breathe..... Oh my word if this is the start to the teen battle he may not make it to 11! I laugh or I might nail him to the wall feeding him only bread and water. He has never talked this way...well he talks back on occasion but has never openly yelled at his father who out weighs him by at least 170lbs.... I know that if it were me standing there calling him back he probably wouldn't have mustered much of a peep.

Why is that? Is it because I don't allow him to get away with anything or because I am home all the time and thus the disciplinarian?

He's not a bad kid but if you were a fly on the wall your jaw would have hit the floor when he flew down the hallway and began yelling at his father before even turning the corner. I was all the way in the dining room and I about flew from my computer chair to ring his neck... No worries, no children were harmed in this episode. He did however have to call his friend and explain why he wouldn't be attending open rec tonight.

Those who have teenage boys... please tell me this is short lived and he will go back to occasional taking back without the over the top outbursts?!

Parenting is an up hill day you are pushing the buggy and the next day you are flat on your face with tire marks!!


Jennie said...

Whoo boy! Sounds like a pretty intense *moment*. Being the mom of just a little girl, I have no insight or advice- I just know you two are super parents, and that you'll be able to ride out anything that comes your way :)

miss chris said...

intense is right! I'm sure he'll grow out of it soon. (hey, a girl can dream, right?) ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh the tween moments of life. I believe its just a tad bit to prepare us for the teenage years.
You sometimes just have to let them yell it out. I know it sounds crazy and all that jazz but... I was told sometimes you have to.
But if they disrespect you... then lay down the law.

I did this once, my daughter and I were at it for a week. At the same time a friend of mine with a son the same age was going through the same thing.
I did what she did. Looked up bible verses for what kids are supposed to do according to that. They are to mind and honor their father and mother. My daughter read that part and then read after that sentence the punishment for this sin
"is death"
She cried and cried and said I am so sorry and sorry. It helps. But just have to talk to them and tell them that disrespecting their parents or any adults is just plain wrong. When everything is calmed down just have a little talk and ask them if there is something going on. Feel free to just talk about stuff.
They might be kids but they get stressed out just like we do.

You are in for a ride, but just grab this time right now before it gets going too far. Some parents are unable to get ahold of the situation by that time its out of hand.

Hugs. Luv ya lots like tator tots.

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Great. I can't wait. I have two sweet little boys - I know it's coming!

Coupon Trunk said...

I don't think it's just a boy thing. My preteen daughter is getting to that age and has her "moments" too.