Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Three- Oh Illinois!

If you ever find yourself in a blizzard, Morton isn't that bad of a town. Today we ventured away from the Quality Inn in search of gas, food, and something to entertain four cooped up kids and two cranky adults! For lunch we stopped by the Steak and Shake. Yummy food, unfortunately being one of only a few places open it was packed to the walls with customers. The kids colored and decorated their placemats while we waited for our lunch. After a quick bite we drove around the corner to give the "beast" some gas and buy a much needed scrapper. That is when we noticed the Walmart just a block away. How could we resist the urge to wonder aimlessly through aisles of STUFF escaping the four walls for just a few more minutes. It was a productive trip aswell. I got Neela a new coat then decided all the girls would have one too! Then the kiddos (dad & mom too) picked out new DS games for the trip. I had to get the newest Professor Layton!! Last but not least daddy needed a pillow pet. After sitting shotgun on the last leg, he realized he wanted one too. It is quite a sight to I lay here typing this sweet hubby lay next to me peacefully sleeping on
his fluffy little penguin ;)

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