Friday, April 1, 2011

And then there was Ellsworth.

You are probably thinking, What happened? Did they make it? But then again you are more than likely one of only two people who actually read this blog and know the full story already! Just in case let me recap a bit.........

After a few days in the Morton, Illinois hotel we headed out on a 14+ hour drive west. There were a great deal of cars abandoned as we reached the Iowa/Illinois border. After coming across a 5 tractor trailer accident from the day before, we were very thankful to have stayed the extra day. The drive was great up to Sioux Falls, SD. From there to the west has to be the longest, and most boring drive I have ever We reached our final destination at 8pm Thursday(Feb 3rd) night. We were here!!!!

Isn't it beautiful!!

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Anonymous said...

yep its beautiful. I am glad you all are there safe and sound