Friday, May 23, 2008

Caught the bandit red handed

It was about midnight-one when I realized I forgot to finish the laundry so I headed in to the room to start the washer. There was a noise outside the back door and it sounded like scratching. I have a piece of paper over the lower portion but it is peeled back a bit and I could see where the noise was coming from................

Lookie what I found - This raccoon was tearing apart the trash bags I forgot to add to the can the night before. What a big fella. I would say he is a very well fed lad as he tore apart my bag and found a piece of french bread. I know he saw me peeking through the window because he stopped what he was doing for an awesome picture =)

I waited until he was happy with his findings then I scared him off so I could remove the trash and bags from my porch. He didn't seem all that scared. It took a lot of "hey, move...get out of here" for him to finally budge but I was able to get hubby outside to pick up the trash as he watched anxiously in my neighbor's lawn. All in all I never did finish the laundry but I did have fun

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