Monday, August 18, 2008

Two parents and no kids for 24 hours......what could happen?!

Chris and I have been married 10 years on the 19th of August. It is not very often that we find ourselves without children. In fact in our 10 years of marriage there has always been a child with us in one way or another. So we were excited when our dear friend offered to watch not just a few but ALL our children and over night too!!! This was perfect. We also just received word that we would be able to take part in "Give Parents a Break", a program in the Air Force that provides free child care once a month to families of deployed personnel or families with special needs. GPB falls on a Saturday morning and they would take the children from 9-4pm. This meant we would be without our children for almost 24 hours. What are we going to do?

We headed for the mall while we decided how to spend our night of freedom. Chris and I are really just a bunch of kids ourselves so it didn't take long before we were acting like a bunch of high school love birds on a first date. The photo above is what happens when you have pocket change and free We also played in the arcade, racking up about 800 tickets. We couldn't decide what to get so we saved them for another time. Hubby was hoping to save at least 2000 then return for his gumball machine =)

Funny story......Chris came with me to Victoria Secret and we looked at all the cute panties and bras. There was a group of girls holding up items to show their boys who were outside waiting in chairs. I laughed and told my hubby he could go join the boys if he wanted. This is when he grabbed a pair of pink panties and told one of the girls she just had to get them because they would look sexy! With that we walked out and he did a head bob to the group of guys... It was like the alfa-male signalling to the pack that he was superior... Totally funny ....should have been there!
We couldn't figure out were to eat. We say a sign for Chili's and headed over. We were hungry but just couldn't figure out what we wanted so we only had some appetizers. It was kind of an eat and run because it was very crowded. We headed to walmart....because its fun darn it. It is fun to play in the toy section and turn on every single toy that makes noise. It is fun to look at the fishes in the pet section or even look through the electronics without a child asking you 100 times if they can get a game. We bought a new game for our Wii... ya, I don't like it..thought it would be more entertaining. Awe well!

After Walmart we headed to the bowling alley on base where Chris works part time. We knew they would be closing soon but though we should stop in for a beer. The picture above is Tina, she was tired and pregnant...Need I say more =)

This ol' man is Pat. Pat works the front counter and fixes the machines when they go belly up. Pat and George (not pictured) sat and had a drink with us before closing the doors. Those two are a hoot I tell you. Never leave your young ones around those two unattended.... your liable to have some crazy questions to answer!
So that was our night. Sat was a bit more laid back with cleaning and grocery shopping but Chris and I had fun. We ended up picking the kids up early because we missed them too much. We spent the whole day Sunday together watching movies and playing.

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