Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tyndall Base Exchange and other places you may find me.

I put in my application to be a vendor at the Tyndall BX. My friend and fellow etsian, Sarah from mrsdstahl has also applied and we are anxiously awaiting word from the man in charge. As of right now they are moving some internal vendors around and once that is complete we should know more.

I have been working hard the last few days to complete two large keychain orders. I have a goal to make approx 260 keychains and pouches for 2 different promotional sample packs. The first is Little Black Boxes. I am hoping to complete 200 promotional items for their October box. I am excited about the possible inclusion as it can only help spread the word about Sygnet Creations. The other sample box company is The Spotted Box. I just heard back from Tory and I am signed up for their October box aswell.

After I am done working on these items it is time to get my butt in gear and list more pillows and blankets. Right now I have 6 travel pillows waiting for their final stitching. My goal is to have 20+ pillows in each size available by mid October. It is a day by day project and I am confident in my abilities to do just that or more. Blankets are another issue entirely. I am thinking of only listing a few more before the holiday rush. Around Christmas I receive more custom orders then actually in stock purchases so I think this will work out better. Here is to a productive rest of August and many sales in the months to come! =)

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