Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why not go crazy.

HAve you ever looked in the mirror and said....hmm what could I do to my hair today?
Last week while shopping with my husband he gets the bright idea that I should go blonde. Having done so before I wasn't worried and I knew what to expect. Red heads don't go blonde... We go orange!
Hubby was determined to me look funky and I have to admit I enjoy shocking hair-dos so I was a willing player. Here is the before pictures. I say before because as of yesterday I am back to my Bright red hair!!! Anywho here I am.. Orange hair, red front, and red underside.
Red underside
I enjoyed having my hair mulitple colors but I often just throw it in a pny tail and with mutli-hair you really have to do up you do =)

So we dye....................

Hubby was having fun watching me redye my hair. I had to warm him a few times that I bite.. but it was all good.
Aren't I sexy with my red eyes...lol. my daughter asked me why I was coloring my eyebrows.
Here I am back to normal.. Okay so I am not normal but I am back =)


ThePeachTree said...

I think the last I saw it, it was BLACK!! This looks fantastic :)

Melissa said...

Ive seen your hair brown, black, red, and Im sure to see more. I used to do that to my hair but now it got to the point i just let it grow.

my boyfriend said i should dye mine. he wants to do it for me. what do yall think should i lol

I believe i can trust him he is a good man after all and its just hair. lol