Monday, May 18, 2009

Dream Big....

I know you remember when................. when you wanted to fly, soar above the rest of us and see as high as you could possibly see. Well that was a dream of my young one this Saturday. She turned 4 years old and asked for only 2 things on her special day; Brobee cake and a bouncy party. The day of the party she helped me inflate her colorful array of balloons. We tied them with strings and let them rise up to the ceiling. All she wanted to do was gather them together and see if she would float. Whats a mother to do but fulfill such a request =) I pulled them down one by one and gripped them into a colorful bouquet. At first she wanted to tie them to her baby sister to see what happened. After a brief explanation over how many balloons it would take to float up to the sky, she grabbed the bundle and gleamed the biggest smile.......

I have to admit it made my heart melt. This simple act made up one of the joyous portions of her big day. She didn't care about presents, the cake, or even the party itself. She was mesmerized by the idea...... the ideas we tend to forget as we get older..... that no matter what .... a girl can dream =)

What has your child dreamed recently?

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Anonymous said...

I am in tears. I am so happy that Dylan had a wonderful time. You are such a wonderful Mom and I am thankful to have such a wonderful friend in my life. God Has blessed us with so many blessings.

The blessing to Dream.

I don't know why but I just had a feeling I would go blog reading today I am thankful that I did. This one has inspired me so much.