Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating Greener... with a splash of orange!

Anyone who truly knows me will tell you I have more of a black thumb then a green one. This has always been the case from flowers to potted plants. You can believe I wasn't all that excited to help my son when he brought home his small cup with a cabbage sprout. That was several months ago and what started out as a dreaded project has turned into quite an adventure. After his cabbage survived the first month I knew I wanted to change my luck. We went out and bought grape tomato seeds and tried our hand at growing our own. Above is our growing garden of grape tomatoes. Just yesterday I took pictures of my most favorite occasion.... We have tomatoes!! (see below)
Not just one tomato but bunches upon bunches have started to form all around my 11 grape tomato vines. I am so excited. We grew them and they are actually thriving!! I think hubby is just as proud as I am. Now with 11 plants all growing and sprouting forth edible goodies we may have to start thinking recipes. (Feel free to comment if you have any to share)

I also wanted to show you all Mikey's cabbage. This big-ol-green monster started out as a tiny green leaf or two in a equally tiny Dixie cup. It now has its own home nestled in my front walk way and surrounded by the wood box created by daddy and friend.

Mikey said his favorite part was watching it grow out of the pot, transplanting it in to the ground, and getting all excited when the head began to form. He is eager to try my famous cabbage rolls as soon as it is mature.... I am sure we will have so much cabbage we won't know what to do with it all. (again share any recipes you might have.. all are welcome!)

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